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Media Displays for your Business

At AdPix Media Displays, we see the value in being able to communicate your message effectively and easily to your customers and attendees. We provide the hardware and software to do just that.  Whether you are looking for a temporary rental for an event or conference, a permanent solution for your place of business, or to set up a direct out-of-home advertising network, we can help.

Our Devices

Check out our Charging Station’s features and specifications. From the bright and vibrant FHD screens, to the secure charging lockers, to the backend software. We are sure you’ll be impressed!

Our Placements

Check out a sampling of our Charging Stations installed in a variety of locations. We have paid special attention to the looks of the Charging Stations, ensuring that they look good in nearly every environment.


Organizing a special event, sports tournament, or conference? Our Charging Stations will give your attendees the ability to charge their devices, while giving you the ability to showcase your sponsors, display information, or showcase tournament schedules and results.


We also maintain a growing network of installed Charging Stations at various targetted and high traffic locations. Advertising packages are now available. You’ll find our rates to be very attractive, and our vibrant FHD screens will make your ad engaging and memorable.

Who is this for?

Shopping Malls & Retail

Keep your customers satisfied by providing a free charging station. At no cost to you or your patrons, this solution will provide peace of mind while enjoying their shopping experience.

Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

Create a more engaging environment by encouraging your customers to use the free and secure charging station while enjoying their meal and beverages, while reducing charging requests to serving staff.


Focus on your workout with limited distractions. Encourage your members to charge their phones in a secure location during their workout to throw the distractions of text messages and phone calls aside.

Movie Theaters

You don’t have time to field complaints regarding phone use in theatres. Be proactive by offering a charging station while your patrons are viewing their show!

Sporting Venues

From parents to fans, picturing the moments in front of them is important. Do your part by hosting a charging station to ensure your patrons’ devices are fully charged!

Special Events

Have your bases covered when hosting your next big event. Offer your clients a unique experience to ensure all of them are able to charge their mobile devices securely while promoting your event on our eye catching screen above.


No cell phone policy, no problem! Allow students to charge their devices safely while fully engaging themselves in the classroom. Maximize education, and battery life by taking advantage of our product.


Awesome phone charging stations at Greatness in Leadership. You can lock and leave your phone to juice up! #LeadershipYQL #Canada150YQL
Dorothy Graham

Attendee, GIL2017, @Dorozthy

Thank you for providing your phone charging stations to the 3rd Annual Greatness in Leadership event at the ENMAX center.

They worked flawlessly, attendees loved them and you delivered and took them away exactly as promised!    I will definitely work with you again.

Doug Thexton

Site Manager, Greatness in Leadership Team

AdPix Media Displays has been a great asset to our business! We often ran into the issue of customers asking our bartenders and servers to charge their phone behind the bar. With AdPix Media displays this issue no longer exists! AdPix representatives have been very easy to work with and are always available should we need anything from them. Our customers have loved having the ability to lock their phones to charge and go back to their table without worrying if their phone is secure. It has given our employees one less head ache to deal with! Our advertisements that display on the boards look fantastic and are very easy to change with our current promotions! I would highly recommend AdPix media displays to anyone in the industry that is looking for a solution to mobile charging!
Easton Gross

Operations Manger, Pop's Taphouse & Grill

We are happy to be hosting four new digital charging stations from AdPix.  These units allow us to offer our shoppers the convenience of free phone charging in a secure, lockable space.  As well, the option of digital advertising at Park Place is now possible on the four large, HD screens.  The high quality picture and visibility in our hallways make these stations a great addition for both shoppers and businesses.
Debi Henderson

Specialty Leasing Manager, Park Place Mall

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